Organizational Structure

Local Planning Authorities perform the following functions:


  • At Macro Level:


  1. Preparation and implementation of distinct plan, community development plan, rural plan, and subject plan in collaboration with the Board and relevant ministry.
  2. Acquisition through the Board, development, and maintenance of open spaces, playgrounds, recreational parks on public layouts.



  • At Micro Level:


  1. Collection and management of local planning fees.
  2. Development control (without prejudice to the State/Board’s interest) within its area of jurisdiction.
  3. Inspection of sites for sitting/location/erection of billboards including streets/road naming.

Anambra State Physical Planning Board comprises of the following departments:

  • Development control;
  • Open spaces, recreation, and urban renewal;
  • Research, statistics and data processing;
  • Administration;
  • Works;
  • Accounts;
  • Legal;
  • Audit;
  • Public relations office (PRO).