Regulatory Functions

Our work spans the regulatory functions of the state government, ministry, and local planning authorities.

State Government

The State Government exercises its physical planning responsibilities to ensure consistency in physical development, organization, and coordination at all levels of planning administration in Anambra State.

The state government is responsible for such areas as:

  1. Initiation, preparation, and approval of regional, sub-regional, and urban master/structure plan.
  2. The formulation of a State policy, for urban and regional planning within the framework of national policies.
  3. The preparation and implementation of regional sub-regional, urban, district, local, and subject plans.
  4. Approval and adoption of plans prepared by the Board and Local Planning Authorities.
  5. The promotion and conduct of research in urban and regional planning.
  6. The dissemination of research results for adoption by user organizations.
  7. Collaboration and management of urban and regional data systems.
  8. The provision of technical assistance to the local governments.
  9. Establishment and maintenance of the physical Planning Board and the Local Planning Authorities: and
  10. Undertake a five-yearly review of the structure plans.

The Local Planning Authority

The Local Planning Authority is responsible for such activities as:

  1. Development of a district plan.
  2. A community development plan.
  3. A rural area plan.
  4. A local plan.
  5. A subject plan, and
  6. Development control within its area of jurisdiction.